SB: What sparked your passion for yoga?

SP: I started doing yoga when I was a kid. My grandmother taught me. She’d call it “stretching during commercials” and then we’d end with a headstand. I started practicing at a deeper level in college. I did a mentorship with Emily Sample and then started teaching on my own after I had my daughter and it grew from there. It’s been a little over two years now. It’s my therapy. I go to the mat, go into my head and breathe it out. It’s not just a good workout for me.

SB: Where did the kids come in?

SP: I’ve always taught kids — whether it was soccer, swimming lessons, etc. I’ve always loved working with kids. I realized I wanted to teach yoga but didn’t know what type I wanted to teach. Through research and visiting other studios, I found kids’ yoga, which is a completely different world from an adult class. I just love it. We sing and dance and do kid things.

SB: What does a usual workday look like for you?

SP: It usually involves a tutu and a hoola-hoop. I pack the car up and travel from school to school or to Norton Art Gallery to teach class everywhere. I wake up and get to play every day. I talk to teachers and parents and students to get an idea of what they’re learning in school and incorporate that into their class for the day. There is no typical day. It changes constantly which is what I love. I teach about 10 to 15 classes a week

SB: What’s your favorite yoga pose?

SP: Corpse pose because you’re just laying down on the ground and you can’t move. That’s when I’m meditating, calming myself, listening to my breath. I also love dancer pose because it’s beautiful and elegant and graceful. Any pose that makes you smile is the pose I like. I prefer those over strenuous poses.

SB: What’s your family like? Do they enjoy yoga?

SP: Yes. My daughter does it every day. She’s two and a half and does tree pose in class to show her friends. I started mommy and me yoga with her when she was only two-months-old. My husband loves going to yoga once he’s there. It’s just the “getting there part” that’s hard. He’s over six feet tall and a basketball player so it’s so amazing that he can and does do yoga, too.