Person of Interest: Rodney Guin
Title: Head Coach, Calvary Baptist Academy

SB: What inspired you to become a coach?

I liked athletics growing up, and it was a way to stay in the game. Coaches were a big influence on me too, so it was something I wanted to do.

SB: Tell me about your coaching experience leading up to your new position in the Calvary football program. 

My first year out of college I was coaching basketball at Castor High School for one year, then I made the transition to Haughton High School and remained there for 32 years. After retiring from Haughton, I accepted a position at Calvary, and this will be my second year as a coach in the football program there, but my first year as head coach.

SB: What are some lessons you have learned throughout your years as a coach?

One is being able to deal with different types of people. You have kids from all different backgrounds and levels, and you have to learn how to relate to kids from all over the scope.

SB: Have there been any lessons your players have taught you over the years?

Sometimes as a coach you misread people because they don’t seem to fit a position or level of talent, but then you give them the chance and they prove you wrong. They’ve taught me my first impression isn’t always right, and I have an obligation to make sure each player has an equal opportunity to show what they’re made of.

SB: What are some of your favorite coaching memories?

We played a big game against Parkway in 2010. The stadium was full two hours before the game and both teams were undefeated. It was probably the biggest game in Bossier in 20 years, and that’s my special memory — getting to be in that environment.

SB: During your time at Haughton you had the opportunity to coach now-quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott. How was that experience?

It was a lot of fun. He’s one of those kids that you just really enjoy coaching. He gave everything he had to the program, and it was never about him; it was about helping the team win. He was a great leader and example for other kids to watch. We’re proud to see how far he’s gone.

SB: What are you most looking forward to as you prepare for your first season as head coach at Calvary?

It’s a different group of kids, and I was left a really good football program to take over. It’s going to be a lot of fun. There’s a new group of coaches to get to know, a new group of players to get to know, and we’re looking forward to it.