Want to take a listen? Day Old Blues Records in Shreveport is the place to buy new, pre-loved, and local vinyl. Check out this recent Q&A with record store owner James Gilcrease as we prepare for Record Store Day on April 21.

SB: You own and operate Day Old Blues Records. Tell me where the name comes from?

JC: It’s from a Kings of Leon track off of their sophomore album Aha Shake Heartbreak. The song is called Day Old Blues and the singer says, “at least there’s a record that I love to play, dreaming about a place I’ll never see.” It stuck out to me so when I was kicking around ideas for the name of my store that song title came to mind.

SB: What was the first record you remember purchasing? 

JC: In Through the Out Door and Led Zeppelin II. I bought them at an antique store in Arkansas in May 2002.

SB: What led to music becoming such a huge part of your life?

JC: I guess it started in high school. I went to Evangel where it was all about sports, but I was the kid that watched MTV (prior to when The Hills took over) back in the day. I loved the storytelling. The musicians I really enjoy are storytellers — like Tom Petty. It just brings emotions we go through every day to life. I wanted to share that with other people so I opened up a record store.

SB: The music industry goes through trends and the future is always uncertain. Did you feel like opening a record store was a risk?

JC: Not really. I worked at an antique place that had records. It was going pretty well there. I even started selling records through them. I always knew something was there and Shreveport was lacking a record store that carried new vinyl. I waited around for someone to do it and when no one did, I did it. We’re in the age of streaming (digital) and all that’s left is vinyl because they’re getting rid of CDs. People like physical copies. I never looked at it as a big time risk.

SB: What have you noticed to be the biggest changes in terms of popularity regarding certain genres? Are there any genres that you’re sure will stick around?

JC: Classic rock will always be there. It’s kind of my bread and butter. I see it sticking around because who doesn’t love The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix? Those people will live forever. They’re easy to listen to and easy to comprehend. I do sell rap and hip-hop a lot now. Even Taylor Swift just came out with something that’s more auto-tuned and different from what she normally does. Artists are changing their own styles to stay relevant. Right now I hear more “club music” if you can call it that. That’s what’s working now but I like straightforward music.

You can visit Day Old Blues Records at 3311 Line Ave. in Shreveport and on Facebook or Instagram.