The weather is finally shifting and it’s time to start living that outdoor life. Warmer days are here at last but is your patio up to snuff?

If you’ve neglected your back porch, patio or outdoor area since last year, maybe you’ll want to spruce it up with a few key things. New greenery, outdoor art and fresh coats of paint can help to liven up any space, but lighting helps to pull it all together.

Photos by Marc Gibson Photography

We’ve teamed up with Henson’s Lighting & Hardware for five styles of fixtures that’ll help create the mood you want for your little backyard oasis:

  1. Sconces. From modern to romantic, sconces are a type of fixture affixed to the wall. The light is usually directed upwards and offers a soft touch to any outdoor (or indoor) space.
  2. Gas Lanterns. If you’re looking for a nostalgic effect, gas lanterns provide a bright and lasting light. They’re great for accent lighting and provide a whimsical touch to any backyard.
  3. Chandeliers. Chandeliers aren’t always thought of when outside, but they’ve been making their move to the outdoors for quite some time. Traditional chandeliers with crystals are usually reserved for formal, indoor settings so outside you’ll find rustic types that mix metal and wood.
  4. Landscape. Smaller lighting around your gardens, flowerbeds and patio offer a beautiful scene all year long.
  5. Post/Pier Head. Post, or Pier Head, lighting is exactly that. Lampposts are versatile and come in a few different styles including traditional lamp, glass orbs and more modern versions.

After you’ve chosen your lighting, make sure to stop into Henson for for wood, tile, carpet, vinyl, countertops and other home needs. Henson is located at 1609 Jimmie Davis Highway in Bossier City at the foot of the Jimmie Davis Bridge.

Sponsored by Henson’s Lighting & Hardware.