Weddings have come a long way from a quaint chapel ceremony with cake and punch to follow. The “big day” has evolved into lavish receptions, choreographed dance routines and plenty of detail, detail, detail! But a trend that is becoming more prevalent in weddings, both large and small, is the couple’s desire to break from tradition and incorporate pieces of their personalities and life together. Check out the unique ways these newlyweds tied the knot.


Married June 17, 2017 | Venue: Silver Lake Ballroom in Shreveport

Eternal love with a side of fries, please. While dating, the Holberts had a tradition of eating their anniversary dinner at Whataburger. So why not kick off their life together at the fast food joint? 

“We ate there for our first dating anniversary, and accidentally ended up eating there on our second anniversary too. So, we decided each year to make a point to have Whataburger on our dating anniversary. When we were wedding planning, we knew we’d have to swing by on the way home,” Windy said. “Whataburger has been our go-to place to celebrate things in life or if we’ve just had a really hard day too. After we bought our house, we went to Whataburger. After we got our puppy, we went to Whataburger.”

The Holberts and wedding guests also used lightsabers from Star Wars during their exit.  “We chose to only have one cake (done by Georgie Girl Cakery) where the front side of the cake looks traditional, and the back side had superhero emblems on it. Those are just ways we wanted to show our personality.”

Photography by Berg Photography


Married March 24, 2018 | Venue: Silver Lake Ballroom in Shreveport

When CK and Summer started planning their wedding, they knew what they wanted to put their attention on: great food and lots of dancing. They didn’t make a fuss over the décor and even let their bridal party wear the clothing of their choice. But their wedding did have some ‘great’ inspiration. Summer always had an affinity for the 1920s — the flapper dresses, the speakeasies, the suits — and she drew inspiration from the 2013 film The Great Gatsby.

“On our invitations we put 1920s-style clothing was encouraged but not required. Everyone sought it as an opportunity to really go all out. We were very impressed with everyone’s creativity and willingness to dress up like it was Halloween in March,” Summer said. “I think that’s what made the wedding. Everyone showing up in theme. It was so great to see everyone’s dresses and suits.”

They chose Silver Lake Ballroom as their venue for its 1920s vibe and they hired Georgie Girl Cakery to create a 20s themed wedding cake. Summer wore a fully beaded wedding gown and CK and his groomsmen dressed in suspenders and ties. Summer also styled her hair in 1920s finger curls and topped off her look with a jeweled clip given to her by the maid of honor. The newlyweds topped off the night with one of their favorite hobbies — gaming.

Photography by Berg Photography


The Colony, TX
Married November 3, 2018 | Venue: Great Raft Brewing in Shreveport

For some couples, it’s a common interest that helps ignite that spark of attraction. Jules and Jase Hicks met at a craft beer bottle shop where there were free beer tastings on Fridays and became fast friends. It wasn’t until one of Jase’s friends asked why they weren’t dating that they began asking the same. They started dating and were engaged at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. 

“Jase and his friends started a tradition, years ago, of visiting Shreveport to celebrate Jase’s birthday. After we became a couple, I started joining these Shreveport weekends. Since we’re big craft beer folks, we naturally visited all of the craft beer breweries in town and fell in love with Great Raft Brewing,” Jules said. “Great Raft has put out some excellent beer and the location and friendliness of the staff kept us coming back each year. When we got engaged, we knew we wanted to get married at a brewery but didn’t quite know which brewery. After going over all of our favorite breweries to visit, we landed on Great Raft Brewing.”

Jules and Jase exchanged vows in the brewery and also celebrated with a reception at Great Raft. They worked with Kris Holland of Events by Kris Holland to plan out where to set up dinner, the dance floor, and most important — where they and their friends would shotgun beer. 

“Our plan was to have a big party where we just happened to be getting married. Our goal was to host our guests in a fun location that has excellent beer, provide excellent food and provide great entertainment,” Jules said. “My advice to other couples: plan the wedding of your dreams, invite the people you want there and don’t worry about what is expected of you.” 

Photography by Tyler Malone at Second Shooter and Drew Campbell
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