I won’t lie — you’re going to need to hydrate for this one. May is a month that is packed full of those fun “national days” that get us to celebrate the little things that make us happy. I’m not sure who designated these days but I’m glad they exist. I’ve always thought corn dogs deserved their own day to be praised. This month we have National Cosmopolitan Day, National Mimosa Day, World Cocktail Day, and of course the champion of them all, Cinco de Mayo. Get ready, because we’ve got some drinking to do this month.

First, we have Cinco de Mayo. I’m a firm believer in knowing why you are celebrating. May 5 is a day celebrated in observance of the Mexican army’s victory over the French army at the Battle of Puebla. It has become a celebration of Mexican culture throughout the U.S. In the cocktail world, the way we pay tribute is with tequila and margaritas. You can find incredible and unique margaritas all around town. My suggestion is to go to your favorite place and order a round of the cocktail that perfectly balances spirit, sweetness and acidity. My personal favorites come from El Cabo Verde, Parish Taceaux and Ki Mexico’s Calaveritas (a similar balance of flavors with hibiscus syrup as a sweetener).

Next we have National Cosmopolitan Day on May 7. Now, the cosmo has become a modern classic cocktail. Funny enough, one of the big reasons the cocktail caught fire was HBO’s show Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw was well known for ordering these throughout the series. It’s one that just about every bartender knows how to make and has his or her own twist on it. Enjoy it at most any restaurant or you can make one at home. Here’s how: combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake hard: 1.5 ounces of a citrus or “citron” vodka (I’m a fan of Svedka because it’s readily available and is pocket-book friendly), 1 ounce of Cointreau (this is what the original recipe calls for but if you’re looking to stay budget-friendly, you can use Triple Sec), half an ounce of fresh lime juice, and a couple dashes of cranberry juice to give it that beautiful pink color. Pour it into your favorite chilled martini glass and enjoy.

May 13 is World Cocktail Day. I really like that this day exists because it’s shining a light on the creativity and ingenuity of all those bartenders around the world that have a passion for creating new and inventive drinks for you. Absolutely, you can enjoy any cocktail you want. This could be the day you try that Mezcal cocktail you’ve seen on the menu or let your bartender make you whatever they want. Remember to thank (tip) your bartender though. They put a lot of time, effort and research into ways to serve you better drinks.

National Mimosa Day is on May 16 and is on a Wednesday this year. This kind of bums me out because mimosas are the perfect brunch cocktail and everybody knows brunch is on Sunday. In case you don’t know what the ingredients are, don’t worry. It’s just orange juice and sparkling wine. The beauty of this cocktail is that it’s effortless to make and easy to enjoy. Every single restaurant in town can make you a mimosa. And of course, they aren’t only for brunch. You can get them every day. 

Wrapping all these days up, I know this is a lot to drink. You don’t have to hit each of the days, just your favorite. Remember to always be responsible and don’t forget to hydrate in between drinks.