The name “Haynie” is seemingly ubiquitous throughout the Shreveport medical community. From pediatrics to orthopedics to internal medicine, cardiology and dermatology, the Haynie family’s medical reputation is revered far and wide.

It is for this reason, it was almost surprising when J. Marshall Haynie, son of Dr. Haynie the orthopedic surgeon and grandson of Dr. Haynie the pediatrician, decided he did not want to be a doctor.

“I never wanted to be a doctor when I was growing up,” said Marshall Haynie. “I just didn’t like blood and guts, so I didn’t think it was for me.”

In high school, Marshall was involved in teen court and mock trials, so naturally his path seemed to be headed more for law than medicine. Thinking it smart to get a degree in something other than law in case he needed a fallback option, Marshall majored in engineering in his freshman year at Texas Christian University. It wasn’t until his sophomore year in college when he thought back on his grandfather’s career as a pediatrician that he thought he might actually be cut out for medicine after all. After starting medical school, he realized there might be more to orthopedics than he originally thought.

“Ortho is long hours and when you’re at work you’re always busy. But it’s also the most fun. You get to do surgery and you have the gratification of seeing your patients get better as a result of what you’re doing,” said Marshall.

Unlike her now husband, Amanda Haynie knew from the time she was very young she wanted to be a physician. During her childhood, growing up in Thibodaux, LA, her family befriended a radiologist. She considered radiology and, for a period of time in medical school, thought she might pursue a path in a surgical field, but ultimately she chose pediatrics.

In 2009, when Amanda arrived at LSU Health Sciences in Shreveport (now LSU Health Shreveport) as a first year medical student, Marshall was already in his fourth year of medical school. By Christmas of that year, the two were officially dating. Six months later, when Marshall graduated, he was preparing to move to Oklahoma City for his residency and the two were resolved to make their relationship work despite the distance.

For a year, the couple dated long distance and then ultimately decided they would do what it took to be in the same place once again. Before her third year of medical school, Amanda transferred to the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa. The two, then, were only separated by 100 miles.

They married not long after in Thibodaux in the spring of 2012 while Amanda was in the throes of her third, and arguably the most challenging, year of medical school and Marshall was in his second year of residency at the University of Oklahoma. With the two of them in Oklahoma still very much focused on their medical educations, simultaneously planning their wedding in Thibodaux proved one of their biggest challenges early on.

They spent their first couple months as a married couple in separate cities while Amanda completed her third year of medical school but were reunited the next year as she got to spend the majority of her time as a fourth year med student in Oklahoma City with Marshall.

In June 2016, having both completed their residencies, and Marshall his fellowship in Oklahoma City, the two decided to return to Shreveport.

“We knew we wanted to end up in one of our hometowns and considering the quality of the medical community in Shreveport, and that it’s a hub of health care for the surrounding region, this seemed like the best option for us when it came to where we should put down our roots,” Marshall said.

After returning to Shreveport, Marshall joined his father as an orthopedic specialist at Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana while Amanda began work as a pediatrician with Mid City Pediatrics, the practice Marshall’s grandfather started in 1981.

Their first year back in Shreveport has been exciting for the young medical duo. In addition to each joining well-respected practices in their fields, they welcomed their first child, Jack, in the spring.

“Amanda always wanted to be a mom and being here allows us to raise our kids and practice medicine with family,” said Marshall. “Ultimately we want to be known as doctors who get to know our patients and do our best to do what is right for each person we see.”