The right Christmas gift is one that is very thoughtful, personal and demonstrates that you care. The wrong gift is one that took little thought or effort—or one that simply doesn’t make sense for her.  Although the possibilities are endless for what they might want, here are a few things to try and avoid:

The Wrong Jewelry

Not all jewelry is a bad idea, but proceed with caution. She’s going to be really excited―then really disappointed―once she sees that what she thought was a ring is actually a pair of earrings.

Prepackaged Gifts

Want her to think you put zero effort into her present? Hand over one of those generic potpourri-and-lotion-filled gift sets or a fruit basket made by your Aunt Ida.

Household or Kitchen Appliances

Unless Julia Child is her lifelong hero―getting her a skillet, a blender or a slow cooker is kind of a romantic buzzkill. While practical, you really need to ask yourself is, will it make her jump for joy. Probably not.


What makes you think you’re going to be able to hit that fashion nail on the head? You don’t want to be in hot water after presenting her with a sweater that’s completely not her style or two sizes too large.  Awkward.

Gym Membership or Exercise Equipment

Even if she lives at the yoga studio and practically sleeps in her workout clothes―that doesn’t mean she wants you to get her a gym membership or passes to her favorite class.  She’ll think you’re trying to hint that she needs to get into better shape.

Holiday-Themed Lingerie

Lingerie is clearly made for men’s enjoyment, and is incredibly inconvenient. Especially as a Christmas gift.

Anything Bought From a Drugstore

Nothing screams “last minute gift” than stocking stuffers and cheap wine from the local Walgreens. She’d rather you admit that you simply forgot.

Gift Certificate or a Gift Card

Anyone who buys a gift certificate or gift card is basically saying, “I don’t know you well enough to pick something out for you myself.” It doesn’t get more impersonal than that.

Stuffed Animals

Save it for a child, she isn’t eight years old. A stuffed animal might look cute in a Christmas bow, but it’s just going to ultimately end up collecting dust somewhere.

Gifts That Are Secretly For You

Buying her something that is more for your benefit comes across as selfish. Tickets to your favorite sporting event or concert are not what she wants. Be thoughtful and get something that she wants, even if you loathe it.