Red River Range, which is currently under construction, is set to become Louisiana’s premier indoor shooting and training facility.

“It will cater to both novices and experts alike,” said president and general manager Bradley Simon. The range will offer a safe, clean, family-friendly environment with 19 shooting lanes and the state’s only 100-yard indoor rifle lanes.

The design of the facility is like no other. Each lane will be equipped with the finest target, ventilation and safety systems in the industry, which will result in enhanced energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Most ranges are static in nature, but at Red River Range dynamic training is the norm. Step up to the touchscreen console, select your course of fire and get to work. Target carriers will move back and forth thru varying distances and toggle between “shoot” and “no shoot” scenarios. With 10 preprogrammed pistol scenarios, 10 preprogrammed rifle scenarios and the ability to create custom courses of fire, training can be pushed to the next level.

For Simon, the range represents the culmination of a career change that started out with him being a 4th-generation homebuilder. His attention to detail and vast knowledge about firearms has set him up for success.

“Don’t listen to the naysayers. If you have a dream, go for it,” Simon said. “You’re absolutely going to love what we’ve come up with.”