Hebert’s Town & Country — 1155 Bert Kouns — Shreveport, LA 71105 — 318.221.9000

Hebert’s Town and Country isn’t a car dealer in name only. When you buy a car or truck from Hebert’s, you will see a Hebert. More than likely, you will see four or five of the Hebert owners at the dealership.

The Hebert family has owned the dealership since it opened in 1980. This is a locally-owned business at its best. Every day, the standard is the same –– a great product combined with customer satisfaction.

Now in its third generation, Hebert’s Town and Country is better and stronger than ever. Marshall Hebert founded the business, followed by his son, Mark. Now, Mark’s three sons –– Beau, Chris and Drew –– are continuing the Hebert’s Town and Country tradition.

Every member of the family has worked in every facet of the business, from being a sales associate and working in the parts department, to washing cars on the lot. They know and understand what it takes to be successful. Marshall has been in the car business his entire career. 

Any successful auto dealership begins with a top-notch product line. At Hebert’s Town and Country, you will find Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram. The family also owns the Ford and Lincoln dealership in Minden.

It’s also great that the Hebert’s Town and Country lineup of cars and trucks are among the best on the road. If you want great gas mileage, Hebert’s Town and Country can deliver cars with more than 40 miles to the gallon. If you want a great sound system, their cars have one of the best in the world. If you want a truck that’s good looking and durable, they have it.

“You would be amazed how many people come from Dallas just to buy a car from us,” Beau said. “We even had someone in recently from California.”

The Heberts have created a one-stop experience for every customer. Without question, you can buy a quality new or used car from Hebert’s. But there’s so much more, including service, parts, auto repair, body shop and detailing center.

Now, for the first time, you even can obtain your car insurance through Hebert’s Town and Country. “We are one of the few car dealers in Louisiana that offers insurance on site,” Beau said. “And we are the only agency open on Saturday.”

The formula for success at Hebert’s Town and Country is simple –– keep employees for their entire career and create loyal customers for a lifetime. It’s about empowering employees and treating them with respect. The same goes for customers. 

At Hebert’s Town and Country, many employees have been at the dealership 20-to-30 years. Just as there are three generations at Hebert’s, there are three generations of loyal customers. 

“We want customers for a lifetime,” Beau said. That’s what you would expect from a family-owned business that cares.

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