That’s right — funeral arrangements.

It’s not often we find ourselves talking about death (until it happens), but in times of heartache and stress, we use flowers as a means of comfort for the families who have lost loved ones.

At Lisa’s Flowers, they take the guesswork out of this painful period. Their goal is to provide the upmost quality service, especially when it comes to flowers for a funeral. Below are three common questions most people ask when ordering a funeral arrangement:

  • Do I need to send flowers? Deciding to send flowers or a plant to a funeral is not a cut and dry decision anymore. More and more you’ll see “in lieu of flowers” included in obituaries. While it’s fine to make a donation to your friend, family member or loved one’s charity of choice, that does not preclude you from also sending a floral tribute to their service. Flowers and plants provide comfort for the family as well as celebrate the life of the deceased.
  • How big is too big? When you think of a floral arrangement, you probably think luscious and over the top, but today’s trend calls for smaller and more intimate arrangements. Funeral flowers should be a tribute and reflect your relationship with the deceased.
  • What do I write on the card? Let the professionals help you. They do this daily, and it’s easier sometimes to step back and let someone else take care of it. When you’re asked for the return address on the card, it’s to make it easier on the family. They may know you, but when it comes time to give thanks, who sent what might be a little blurry.

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Lisa’s Flowers is a Best of SB 2018 winner. For more information, please visit them online or at their physical shop in Bossier City.