It’s that time of year when the cold days stretch on, and the sun seems to hide it’s face for days at a time. Louisiana weather in February has a reputation for providing strings of cold, blustery days…giving us the opportunity to just stay home. While known to some as the period of “winter blahs”, it also creates the occasion for making memories with those you love. It’s the perfect time to implement the Hygge lifestyle.

Hygge is pronounced “hoo-gah”; a Danish concept, meaning to enjoy the simple things in life. In other words, take advantage of the lingering winter days stuck inside to make moments special. We Americans can learn a lot from this lifestyle, as it is a slower pace…with focus on making spaces cozy, inviting, and comfortable. It’s being intentional with our moments and activities. There are countless ways to practice hygge, as it’s a culmination of wellness and comfort.

One way to enjoy a hygge life is to make a homemade meal. Many of us consider this a pastime, as our lives are busy with kid’s schedules and appointments. However, a meal delivery service can provide fresh food to your front door. The simple act of using our hands to cut vegetables, roll out dough, and stir soup sets the mood for the whole hygge scene. Take time to set the table, complete with taper candles and fresh flowers. Turn on soft jazz or French café music in the background. When the family sits down to eat, opt to set the phones aside and enjoy good conversation together. Finish the meal with a slice of chocolate cake warm from the oven. 

A second way to initiate a hygge moment is to host game night. Begin by starting a roaring fire in the fireplace. Piece together a large charcuterie board complete with everyone’s favorite fruits, dips, and crackers. Lay out a few cozy throw blankets on the floor or gather around the coffee table. And don’t forget a tray of piping hot cocoa piled high with whipped cream. A movie on in the background along with overflowing popcorn bowls is essential. Remember, the idea is to make those simple moments unforgettable while surrounded by the company of family and friends.

Lastly, hygge can also be enjoyed while alone. If you’re needing some “me-time” or self-care attention…it’s ideal for practicing the art of relaxing. Run a hot bubble bath and light lots of candles. Be sure to grab your favorite book and read while soaking until your toes shrivel. After the bath, find your softest wooly socks and throw on an oversized sweatshirt. A hot drink is significant…brew a pot of tea or coffee to sip slowly. Pile up on the sofa with a chunky knit blanket, down pillows, and that furry pet. Just petting a cat or dog can radiate the feeling of contentment. Top off the coziness with your favorite playlist and twinkle lights. 

Understanding the hygge lifestyle is imperative during the boredom of wintry days…and can change the way we view staying in. It’s simply giving yourself permission to slow down and enjoy the pleasures of life. Sometimes the busy lives we lead can wear us down and we miss small details that bring happiness. It’s important to our well-being to find ways to reconnect to those we love by putting hygge moments into practice. Nothing fancy or expensive needed, just a few small efforts of simple rituals that will make life feel more intimate and secure. So, let’s stay home!