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Katy Larsen

Agora Borealis Owner

SB: How did the idea for Agora Borealis come about?

KL: I always wanted to have an art community –– a community that taught you about several different kinds of art and where [you could] do free trade through the artists. So, we came to downtown Shreveport as our home base. My background is in interior design, architecture, cultural resources, preservation and 2D art. My sister is an artist, my mother is an artist, all my friends are artists. [Local artists] didn’t have a place to show in a store setting. I want people to do fair trade, I want materials to be sustainable. And this is kind of what encapsulated all of that. By the end of this year, everything will either be made locally or by fair trade only. The other part is the classroom and events space we are sculpting right now. That will be to teach people about the arts and economics so that they will make better choices. You have to educate the people on what they are buying.

_MG_5897SB: Is there a story behind the name?

KL: Yes. My father was an English/British Literature major and he was telling me about the word agora and it means marketplace. And I was like, okay, we need something with agora. The Aurora Borealis is the northern lights, so Agora Borealis means the northern marketplace. Because Shreveport is the largest city north of I-20 in Louisiana, and because we’re north of I-20, we’re the first street north of I-20 in downtown, it just fit perfectly. The northern marketplace. Agora Borealis.

SB: How would you define yourself? Entrepreneur, risk-taker, businesswoman or an artist?

KL: Every label has its stigma or connotation depending on where you are. I guess I’m a little bit of all of that. I have to put my business pants on when it comes to the aspects of dealing with money, taxes, negotiating, ordering inventory and all the aspects of owning a business. But at the same time, I am an artist because I am curating a space, I’m sculpting something.

SB: If I’ve never been, why would I want to check out Agora Borealis?

KL: We are a local artist marketplace. We carry everything from soap to furniture and it’s all hand-made locally by people that are your neighbors. People resonate with that [concept].


Businesses of Lake Street celebrated a successful first year at the 2nd Annual Cirque du Lake event.

The friends of The Agora Borealis, Iarchitecture, Vintage Design Group, LLC and Bears on Fairfield took to the streets to enjoy an evening of local music, art and food.

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