When thinking of chefs, you tend to imagine them in a commercial kitchen, surrounded by stainless steel, working in organized chaos. But what about when the chef goes home for the evening to the comfort of their own kitchen? SB Magazine visited three local chefs in their homes to find out about their personal cooking space and the changes they would make if they were designing their dream kitchen.

Frank Harris IV

Chef and owner of:
Frank’s Pizza Napoletana, Frank’s Louisiana Kitchen & Frank’s in Monroe

The first thing that grabs your attention in Frank Harris’s kitchen is his impressive wall of cookbooks. The shelves are packed with cookbooks featuring recipes from different cultures as well as numerous cookbooks written by world-renowned chefs, including a signed copy by the late Paul Prudhomme. Also scattered on the shelves are mementos from his career, such as a photo with Julia Child, and some of his favorite kitchen items. 

Harris graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in New York in 1991. His resume includes working at the Waldorf Astoria, working for Chef John Folse in New Orleans, and cooking for six months in Italy, which sparked his desire to open a pizza restaurant. But after traveling the world and cooking for rock stars and politicians, Harris came back to his native Shreveport. In 2013, he opened that pizza restaurant, Frank’s Pizza Napoletana and in 2017 he opened Frank’s Louisiana Kitchen. He also recently opened a third establishment, Frank’s in Monroe. 

“I like the fact that this kitchen has two ovens,” he said. “When you’re having big holiday meals it’s great. We have a convection on that one and the other is just a standard oven but it really makes holiday dinners nice.” However, he would like to add a “real” vent hood since his current stove is vented under the floor to the outside. “I don’t like it,” Harris said. “It just takes all the heat away from your pots and doesn’t really get the smoke out.” His wife, Melissa, points out the Dutch style kitchen door that she opens up when they need the extra ventilation. 

Most used kitchen utensils: Knives, cutting board.

Number of times in a week he cooks at home: I really don’t cook that often. Melissa does most of the cooking now. I do it at holidays or when we have people over. We entertain a fair amount.

His go-to meal: A simple pasta with sautéed shrimp.

Ingredients everyone should have on hand: Onions, garlic, salt, lemons and olive oil.

If he could invite anyone over for dinner: I would bring my mom and dad back. They have both passed away so that would be fun.

If he could choose his last meal: Crawfish etouffee.