When thinking of chefs, you tend to imagine them in a commercial kitchen, surrounded by stainless steel, working in organized chaos. But what about when the chef goes home for the evening to the comfort of their own kitchen? SB Magazine visited three local chefs in their homes to find out about their personal cooking space and the changes they would make if they were designing their dream kitchen.

Benjamin Vosburg

Regional executive chef for Horseshoe Bossier
& Harrah’s Louisiana Downs

Raised in the rural town of New Roads, LA, Benjamin Vosburg’s South Louisiana culinary experience didn’t come from “Cajun” roots. In fact, his family lived off the land by hunting deer, pigs and wild game. “I am from South Louisiana but where I grew up it was more like plantation country,” he said. 

Since Vosburg’s parents were professionals that worked hard to provide for their four sons, eating food cooked from scratch usually was reserved for times when Vosburg had meals at friends’ houses. “We ate well but it wasn’t what I was exposed to in the community around me,” he said. “There used to be some shows on Nickelodeon when I was a kid and they would experiment with food. One of the first things I saw was, and it was kids doing it, they made a bagel pizza and I thought that was just fascinating. I was probably 8 or 9 years old. The first meal I made for my family was a bagel pizza I saw on Nickelodeon.”

His passion for cooking ultimately led Vosburg to Louisiana State University where he studied nutrition and culinary science. In 2004, he moved to Shreveport where he currently works as the regional executive chef for Horseshoe Bossier and Harrah’s Louisiana Downs. Vosburg’s home kitchen located in the Broadmoor neighborhood is neat and tidy and guests can see, this chef loves organization. He said he would like to incorporate more usable countertop storage (like in a commercial kitchen) where the cook can do his prep work and organize his seasonings and ingredients. 

Most used kitchen utensils: A chef’s knife, a paring knife, tongs, a wire whisk and a wooden spoon.

Kitchen appliance or gadget he would like to own: I would like to have a chargrill inside my house, so I don’t have to go outside to cook steaks.

His go-to meal: Skirt steak with bacon wrapped cheese stuffed shrimp. That’s my favorite. I have my own marinade that I made. I cook the steak over mesquite wood and make a garlic lime butter.

Ingredients everyone should have on hand: Kosher salt, unsalted butter, black pepper, heavy cream and some sort of citrus.

If he could invite anyone over for dinner: I would like to invite people that I grew up with because I used to cook for them in college and growing up and I’m a little more advanced than I was back then. I think that would be really fun to have a big throw-down or shindig. I live to eat. Growing up where I grew up everybody felt that way, but you share a piece of you when you cook. And I have so many fond memories of life with the people I grew up with and the formative years, and into adulthood. It’s a really nice way to give back and share. They take that memory and how they felt about that meal or that get-together with them for a while. I would too.