H.O.S.T.S. (Highland Open Studio Tour Sundays) is a gathering of local artists, entrepreneurs, and crafters that takes place quarterly in the Highland neighborhood in Shreveport. The group will celebrate its five-year anniversary from noon-4 p.m. on Sunday, June 10.

Here’s the lineup of studios you can expect to see:

  1. The Edgertons
    Located: 549 Wilkinson St.
    Featuring: Ricky Edgerton’s blacksmith skills, copies of Fleur de Lit, lemonade and sandwiches, art by Sarah and Lilah Estes, and music by Fiddlin’ Tim Trio.
  2. Bertha Harris
    Located: 303 Kings Highway
    Featuring: Over 80 original folk art pieces by Bertha Harris.

  3. E. D. Stewart
    Located: 226 Columbia St.
    Featuring: Prints and original work by E.D. Stewart, jewelry by Katie Livingston, artisan cheese and charcuterie, and non-alcoholic punch.

  4. Kathryn Usher & James Marks
    Located: 433 Dalzell St.
    Featuring: Original art by Kathryn Usher, sculptures by James Marks, eco printed pieces by Sherry Tamburo, and gumbo.

  5. Darrel & Karen LaBeau
    Located: 424 Dalzell St.
    Featuring: Original artwork by Karen LaBeau, prints by Lynn Laird, adult coloring books by Marci Hicks, bath spa items by Tori Ladd, jewelry by Christena Francis and music by Buddy Flett.

  6. Bonus Studio: Tracey Prator
    Located: 630 Barksdale Blvd., Bossier City
    Featuring: Products by Tracey Prator of Queen Bee Hippie.

Upcoming tours for 2018 will take place Sept. 9 and Dec. 9.

For more information, contact Karen LaBeau at 318.286.3846 or visit H.O.S.T.S. Facebook page.