Even with the folly and festivities, the holidays come with its own special set of stresses and tasks. From decorating to entertaining and the endless shopping trips, you’ll need a plan to keep yourself organized and some ideas on ways to create an inviting space for celebrating.

  • Purchase an app to keep your shopping list organized on your smartphone. Apps such as The Christmas List (for iPhone) or Christmas Gift List (for Android) have features to help you track your gift giving, as well as your budget.
  • Organize your wrapping paper rolls with a garment bag, which easily can be stored in your closet.
  • Turn old cookie cutters into Christmas ornaments by wrapping them in patterned ribbon and using twine to hang them.
  • Chill wine or champagne with frozen cranberries. Not only will this complement your holiday décor, but also they get the job done by keeping your beverages frosty.
  • When the season is over and it’s time to return the tree trimmings to the attic or garage, use plastic cups to organize ornaments before storing them in a box or tub. For smaller ornaments, use an old egg carton.
  • Stick a 3-to-4 foot PVC pipe in your tree stand to make watering the tree easier. Simply pour the water in the top of the pipe to funnel it to the tree base.
  • Dip disposable spoons in melted chocolate and let harden to use as stirrers for hot chocolate or coffee.

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