Hillary George followed her first love of science right into geology at the University of Texas at Arlington.

“Micropaleontology’s use in oil and gas drilling looked like it was going to be my future,” said George. “But after children and slumps in the industry, I kept finding myself going back to art. I’ve been solely creating for the last three years.”

Originally from Springfield, Missouri, George now resides in Shreveport. She has always been a lover of art. She began exploring art when she discovered an artist named Blou Powell at about seven or eight years old.

George’s sister, Coleen, is the reason the two were taught by Blou Powell. George would tag along for her sister’s lessons and the mentor indulged her as well. She went to sculpture classes and a graphic design and computer lab with her sister and the experiences opened her eyes to art from an early age.

“Her abstracts were enormous and full of movement and color. I think I learned to be unapologetic about color choices from her.”

George began painting live at wedding receptions as a fluke. A good friend asked her if she thought she could paint a wedding reception live as their gift. She accepted the challenge and practiced a bit before the big day. As she was painting, it all just came together.

“I have to say a big ‘thank you’ to Jean and Greg Beauclair for asking and Frank and Jordan Thaxton for being the guinea pigs,” said George.

While painting is her number one, George also appreciates other forms of art. She is a big fan of sculpture. She worked with metal years ago but now focuses more on clay. She enjoys throwing pots and sculpting little additions to add to them to make them unique. She likes the challenge of glazing which is a very technical style of painting that requires much forethought. She also enjoys anything involving jewelry.

Along with painting weddings, George has painted at fundraisers, birthday parties, business openings, anniversaries and more.

“I say it this way: if you would be willing to photograph it, let me paint it.”

Hillary George Live Event Painting and Art
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