November is about giving thanks and appreciating the big (and little) things in life, which we should actually do every month of the year. Something I’m most grateful for is my health. I’ve been fortunate to live a fairly healthy life. I’ve never been hospitalized, never had stitches or even broken a bone. I’m not bragging but simply stating — I am very grateful for good health. 

Whether or not you see a physician for a specific ailment or only see your doctor once or twice a year, you want to be treated by a doctor that is an expert in his or her field but also has excellent bedside manners. We are proud to bring readers our Top Doctors and Dentists issue each year. In the summer, we sent out ballots to practicing physicians and dentists in the Shreveport-Bossier City area and asked them to cast their votes for doctors or dentists by specialty that they believe exhibit the professionalism and talent to be named the best in our medical community. The votes are in. For a complete list, check out our online 2018 Top Doctors and Dentists section. 

To accompany this year’s Top Doctors issue, writer Scott Anderson examines the importance of being an organ donor through the story of how one young woman’s death saved the lives of many — including two family friends. To learn more about registering as an organ donor, visit

We also have a feature this month on the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra and the upcoming concerts on their season line-up. Founded in 1948, the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra is the oldest continually operating professional orchestra in Louisiana. If you’ve never seen a performance, we highly recommend choosing one to attend.  

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to begin thinking about gifts for loved ones. Before you hit the pavement with your shopping list, browse through our Holiday Gift Guide featuring different gift suggestions from local businesses.