May is the month of my birthday, and as I approach another trip around the sun, I’m making this my year of firsts. I’m going to try something new every week. I’ve already started with a few firsts — my first juice cleanse and my first time reading…wait for it…Harry Potter (shocking, I know). The former was a fail. The latter was a huge success.

Since this is our Food Issue, let me elaborate on the juice cleanse. I visited Main Squeeze Juice Co. in Bossier City and thought this would be a good time to attempt the very trendy juice cleanse, especially if it helps me drop a few pounds for summer. Knowing my love for food is strong, I opted for the 1-day cleanse. Some people actually commit to a 3-day cleanse, but I knew that wasn’t for me. I loaded up on some cold press juices and decided to spend one of these many recent rainy Saturdays detoxing. The breakfast juice was delicious, the second juice was very green and by the third round, I was feeling a little too juiced. The hunger grump inside of me began to emerge and I made the difficult choice to abandon the cleanse. So, I saved the remaining juice drinks to have as breakfast over the following days and I must say, each type of juice was delicious (and I’m sure my body appreciates it) — I’m just not one who can abstain from solid food.

My next first, reading Harry Potter, was something my best friend has been asking me to do for the entirety of our friendship. He is a huge fan (his wedding was Harry Potter themed) and should definitely tell me, “I told you so.” I loved it and am gearing up for the second in the series. I know I’m late to the party, but better late than never, right?

As I mentioned, this issue is all about food and drink. Our community does a lot of things right and when it comes to great food and culinary talent, we have it covered. From new restaurants to local favorites, this issue can serve as a guide for your next adventure in dining out. I only have one suggestion — pick a first. Maybe it’s your first time trying Hawaiian food, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to eat at that sports bar on the corner — whatever you decide, don’t be afraid to try something new. You might be surprised.