For the fourth year, SB Magazine has produced a Medical Directory comprised of the area’s medical practices and clinics. And this is the first time I personally had to reference it. Someone much wiser than me said, “Your health is your wealth,” and I could not agree more. My husband is perhaps the most valuable person in my life and last month, he came down with a mysterious illness that resulted in a weeklong stay at the hospital.

We’re both in excellent health. In fact, I can count on one hand how many times I have seen him sick. But something wasn’t right in May. He suffered from high fever for days, with no other symptoms at first. Then, he began vomiting. Then, he developed a rash. On day five we went to an urgent care facility and after doing everything they could and without a definite diagnosis, they sent us home. “It could be a virus.” “It may need to just run its course.” “If his fever hasn’t gone down in a few days, take him to the ER.” Two days later we were in the emergency room.

Fortunately, our experience had a positive conclusion. He received a diagnosis and thus, he was able to receive treatment. I won’t say exactly the nature of his diagnosis, but I will say it isn’t common. My point is this: You never know when your wealth (your health) may be in jeopardy and you never know when or how your life will change. I hope you never have to reference our Medical Directory but if you do, rest assured our community is full of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals eager to heal.