My food preferences don’t go too far out in the weirdness category, but I have seen my friends and family combine some not-so-usual foods to munch on. So I thought I’d take to the good ole world of Facebook to see what other strange things you crazy kids are chowing down on. This is Louisiana, after all. We love us some food! Just not exactly the foods you’d expect (but we love those, too).

  1. Peanut Butter and Cheddar Cheese Sandwiches
  2. Oreo Cookies and Nacho Cheese
  3. Baby Dills and Strawberry Applesauce
  4. Fries with Mayo and Ketchup
  5. Mac & Cheese with Ketchup
  6. Dill Pickle Slices with Andy Capp Hot Fries
  7. Celery and Hot Sauce
  8. A BBQ potato chip, a bite of sharp cheddar and a pickle bite all at the same time
  9. Grapes and Peanut Butter
  10. Mac & Cheese with Green Beans
  11. Brownies with Apple Sauce
  12. Bubble Gum Snowball with Dill Pickles
  13. Pickles and Milk
  14. Ketchup on Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
  15. Popcorn with Lime Juice and Hot Sauce
  16. Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwiches
  17. Pickle Juice and Tony’s Seasoning on Lay’s Potato Chips
  18. Popcorn dipped in Mustard
  19. Doritos and Peanut Butter
  20. Peanut Butter Honey Sandwiches with Flaming Hot Cheetos
  21. Mustard and Cheese Sandwiches
  22. Tuna Fish and Strawberries

I’m seeing a pickle theme here, guys. Which one of these would you be willing to try?