Dear Mr. Pawter: We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted
to Dogwarts Daycare and Boarding.

Imagine receiving a letter in the mail congratulating you on your acceptance. Well, not you, but your furry friend. Welcome to Dogwarts Daycare and Boarding—Bossier City’s newest dog boarding school.

“I just wanted something fun,” said owner Kayla Cowan, who sends stamped letters to all of her new students. “I’m such a huge geek in all kinds of areas. I love Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and obviously Harry Potter.

When you step into the daycare it feels like most lobbies with seating areas and a coffee bar. A front desk is tucked away to the left, and as your eye keeps moving, you notice a tattered hat — it’s the Sorting Hat. A large mural of Hogwarts is behind, and a replica Fawkes the Phoenix sits caged atop a faux bookcase. This is not your ordinary dog daycare.

“I’ve wanted this for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t know what theme,” said Cowan. “We found the building in October (of last year) and opened January 1.”

Cowan’s previous experience with pups was through a facility in Houston, Texas and prior to that, she mentored with a veterinarian friend. Upon moving to the area, she spent two years working at different daycare and boarding facilities here but felt she needed her own space. She said she’s always loved animals and when it came time to make this decision, it was a no brainer.

“I wanted a place that really represented me,” she said. “That’s Dogwarts.”

Upon arrival, dogs are checked-in and sorted into their houses: Gryffinruff, Sloberin, Roverclaw or Hufflepup. Each house has their own characteristics and the dogs are sorted by their temperament.

“We like to remind everyone that the first day of daycare is free. It’s our trial run,” Cowan said, following up that it’s important to her that each dog be a good fit with the others. She looks for indicators of an aggressive nature and if she can work with them, she will.

Beyond sorting, Cowan has dedicated a floating candle mural to dogs that have passed away, including past and present clients. A dog washing area is situated to the side where Cowan hopes to bring in human sized beds almost common room style. An outdoor play area is where many of the large dogs spend most of their time.

“I get here at 6 a.m. every morning and prepare for the day. By 7 a.m., dogs start coming in and I take them immediately to potty and then they’re sorted into their groups,” Cowan said. “I like eyes on the yards at all times. Even though the dogs are good, they’re still dogs.”

Dogwarts Daycare and Boarding is currently accepting new students. For more information visit