From the perspective of Kelly:

“Alex and I had our ‘meet cute’ at LSU Shreveport’s soccer field. The two of us had been required to sit out of practice that day and we kind of just hit it off. We both grew up playing soccer from the time we could walk, and we have always shared soccer as a strong common interest. 

Fast forward five years and Alex finally popped the question in Ft. Morgan, AL where my family takes a summer vacation every year. He did his very best to persuade me to go on a walk with him one morning, but I was convinced my mom and I had other plans (aka: we were going shopping). So after about 15 minutes of perseverance, Alex finally got me to go and here we are, happy as can be.”

Alex is the son of William Curry, of Bossier City, and Karen Goudreau, of Shreveport. Kelly is the daughter of William and Diane Boss, both of Bentonville, AR.

Alex and Kelly plan to be married on Sept. 8, 2018 at the Cathedral of Saint John Berchmans Catholic Church with a reception to follow at 601 Spring Event Venue. 

For Their Engagement:

  • Photographer: Olivia Lott Photography
  • Location: Mount Petite Jean
  • Make up: Tamara and Emmy Lamb with Merle Norman Studio
  • Hair: Elaine T. Aaron