Each year when we publish our annual Top Doctors issue, I ask myself this question: What makes a good doctor? — Is it experience? Bedside manner? Empathy? Well, I think a good doctor exhibits all of these traits and more. The Shreveport-Bossier City community is fortunate to have no shortage of good doctors and with the help of peer voting from local physicians, SB Magazine has rounded up the 2017 Top Doctors and Dentists listing. For the 14th year, we are excited to bring you a guide that will hopefully assist you the next time you need to schedule an appointment with a doctor. However, if you have a physician whom you like and trust, we recommend that you stay with that doctor.

Also in this issue, three married couples (who happen to be doctors) share their stories of balancing successful medical practices with family life. All three have chosen to work in the Shreveport-Bossier City community and raise their children here as well. We think you’ll enjoy reading more about their love stories and careers.

Every other month, we take you inside a beautiful, unique home and for the last year, photographer Marc Gibson has been our go-to guy for capturing these homes’ quirks and styles. But this month, Marc and his wife Dianne opened their own home to SB Magazine and you won’t believe this house’s history. Do Demi Moore, Denzel Washington and Rob Zombie sound familiar? Well, they have something in common — they’ve all stayed at Marc’s home.

In addition to the Top Doctors content, we are celebrating David Raines Community Health Centers’ 25th anniversary with some big news. Earlier this year, the organization began managing health centers at four Caddo Parish Schools. Learn more about those centers and about the history and impact of David Raines.

To round out this issue, we couldn’t ignore the upcoming fall festivities and one of our favorite holidays is Halloween. If you can’t wait until Halloween to wear your costume, put it on and head down to the “Lady of the Night,” Shreveport Opera’s Friday the 13th party. The Shreveport Opera event will feature entertainment, dancing and costume contests. Read more about it on page 15. And if you want to throw your own Halloween party, our Digital Media Manager Derick Jones provides some spooky inspiration to host a DIY monster mash. Don’t forget to check back at sbmag.net throughout the month to discover more about the local haunts and attractions as well as other events happening in Shreveport-Bossier City.