When I began working at SB Magazine in 2014, one of the first attorneys I met was Broocks Greer. He made quite an impression and struck me as the type of person who really loved his line of work. I admire that. He also seemed to have a deep affection for his family. I admire that, too. Greer has been nominated as a Top Attorney for years and it’s an honor to have him on the cover. It’s also an honor to feature Stacey Smith Melerine on the cover. Stacey is an attorney at Ayres, Shelton, Williams, Benson & Paine, LLC, and has been repeatedly nominated as a Top Attorney.

This cover represents two parts of the legal field: the past and the future. Every industry needs the institutional knowledge and expertise that can only come from years of study and practice. Every industry also needs the fresh perspective that young professionals bring when beginning their careers. Keeping with the theme of past, present and future, writer John Andrew Prime did an excellent job with our cover story on the Law Office of Wilkinson, Carmody & Gilliam — the oldest law firm in the area. For over 100 years, the firm has established deep roots in the community. In fact, they have represented Kansas City Southern Railway for over a century — can you imagine representing the same client for over 100 years?

This issue is dedicated to the Top Attorneys in Shreveport-Bossier City that are dedicating their careers to serving clients and making an impact on the legal system. You can read the entire list of Top Attorneys coming soon online.

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up, we look forward to spending time outdoors and getting a much-needed dose of sunshine. We have a couple features to encourage just that. Bike Shreveport is a local cycling advocacy group with the mission to educate people on the benefits of cycling, as well as laws and safety tips for cyclists. If you’re looking to connect with like-minded folks that love biking, we give you an introduction to Bike Shreveport and the group’s monthly event, Slow Roll.

If you’re looking to take a quick weekend trip, right over the state line in East Texas is a collection of vineyards and wineries. From 3 P’s In A Vine in Athens to White Fox Vineyards in Murchison, take your palate on a tour and learn about the Lone Star State’s version of vino.