It’s an exciting time to be a woman. Some might disagree due to recent headlines and controversies regarding sexual harassment in Hollywood and the workplace, in general. I look at it different. Women are finding their voices and using it to scream, ‘enough.’ For decades women have been moving toward a goal of equality —in politics, in law, in health care and at work. We’ve come a long way (thanks to the strength of generations before us) but we know we have a long way to go.

I’m fortunate to come from a long line of women that have never let gender interfere with their ambitions and dreams. They led by example, balancing work and family, and doing everything in their power to ensure I was equipped with the skills and tools to succeed. They taught me the importance of women lifting up other women and sticking together with the mission of improving the world for our sisters, daughters and nieces.

We would like to dedicate February’s issue to women everywhere, beginning with our cover story. Writer Elles Rock introduces a group of local women that are breaking barriers and stereotypes by working as professionals and leaders in their line of work — work that for years has been deemed ‘men’s work.’ From working in the oil and gas industry to automotive sales and running a wrecker company, these women are proof that women can do anything a man can do — and maybe even better.

Also, check out our annual Women in Business section featuring over a dozen incredible women leaving their mark on the community. Learn more about the paths these women took to achieve success in their careers and hopefully, you’ll be inspired by their stories.