When it comes to ‘gram-worthy places, you may not think there are many in the Shreveport-Bossier City area. However, I actually had to narrow these down to 12 so, believe it or not, there are tons of places to fill your feed within just a few miles of your home. From downtown vibes to uptown chic, here are my top 12 most Instagrammable hot spots in the SBC.

Riverview Park

Riverview Park has multiple photo op spots. From the river to the gardens to the fountain and spray ground, you’re sure to get plenty of content for your feed. #greatviews


Louisiana Boardwalk

Louisiana Boardwalk #shoptilyoudrop and document it while doing it.

Annual Sunflower Trail and Festival

I couldn’t leave out the annual Sunflower Trail and Festival. While the blooming window is small (typically mid-June through early July), the views are worth the drive out to Gilliam. #youremysunflower

Tipitina's Music Co-Op

Tipitina’s Music Office Co-Op. Founded in 2006, Tipitina’s has its own cool backstory, but the huge portraits of some of the world’s most iconic musicians is the main reason this spot makes it on the list. #rhythmandblues


Arthur Ray Teague Pedestrian Bridge

Strut your stuff on the bridge located at Walker Place Park for clean lines and amazing depth of field. #bridgesoflouisiana

Rhino Coffee

Sip a pretty latte or chow down on delicious lunch options in the cozy environment of your hometown coffee shop. #loveyoualatte

Shreveport Municipal Auditorium

The Municipal is not only loaded with history (hello, amazing photo captions) but it’s also intricately designed and breathtakingly beautiful—everything you need for a fabulous post. #therestishistory


Common Street Mural

Painted in colored sections, this mural is every Instagrammer’s dream spot. Red and yellow and blue, oh my! #streetart

Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway.

Have you ever noticed those big boulders nestled in alongside Clyde Fant? Probably not, but they’re there. And there’s water too. What more do you need in the #perfectpost?

A Call to Action Crockett Street Mural

This colorful mural references the cultural heritage of Shreveport-Bossier City as well as pays homage to local treasures. #keepculturealive

Dare Day Club

Dare Day Club at Horseshoe. The perfect spot for your next #staycation, gather up good friends for a good time and great pics.

Old Swim School

Tucked in between buildings on Texas Avenue in Shreveport are the remains of Shreveport’s old Swim School. While the events that caused the state of the building were tragic, what remains is beautiful. #beautyintragedy