With the close of the Holidays, it’s a great time to enjoy the simplicity of how your home feels when the decorations are stored away. With the start of a new year, setting goals is a top priority, along with organizing your calendar. It’s also the perfect time to organize your home! Allow the urge to “clear the clutter” guide you to keep only things you love and need. When your home is tidy, you tend to feel less stress.  You can find what you need quickly, because everything has a designated area. Home should be your haven…a calm, relaxing place to escape the busy pace of life. Creating a calm environment begins with organizing the things we love; and organization begins with having great storage pieces. Creative storage pieces add character and uniqueness to your home, while providing endless options.

Consider vintage items as storage solutions. Scour local antique shops or flea markets for countless creative storage alternatives. Be on the lookout for sturdy cabinets, crates, suitcases, and baskets. These all serve as functional organization pieces, with so many possibilities! A wooden crate placed on a TV console hides remotes and video games. Baskets are helpful in corralling toys, books, or even tea towels under the kitchen island. Vintage tool cabinets serve as a multipurpose arts and crafts station, where markers, scissors, and glitter are in easy reach. Old worn leather suitcases stacked in a closet makes an excellent spot for a collection of yearbooks or kid’s artwork. Or, wicker picnic suitcases can house cookie cutters and baking supplies in a kitchen corner. In addition, a canvas cart with wheels is perfect for tossing dirty clothes; and can be wheeled right into the laundry room. The key to incorporating vintage storage pieces into your décor is making it seamlessly flow with what you already own. Keep in mind…wooden shelves, dressers, and cabinets can be painted to match your color palette. 

Stay open minded and think out-of-the-box when searching for vintage storage pieces.

One question to consider before investing in a vintage piece is “How many ways can this be used?” A favorite example is an antique wooden tool tote…offering so many different possibilities. It serves as storage for extra candles, jars, ribbon, and place cards on a buffet in the dining room. At a party, it can be placed on a table for buffet style hor d’oeuvres…with crackers, pickles, breadsticks and olives. Another option is to house daily kitchen supplies in the tote; cutlery, napkins, fruit, and dishtowels are within easy reach sitting on the kitchen island. When the ideas for one storage piece are endless, you know it’s a great investment.

For small spaces, timeless furniture pieces combine pretty and functional storage solutions. If your pantry is lacking in shelving space, use a tall cabinet with doors for storing an overflow of dry goods. Extra pillows, blankets, and throws can be hidden in a pretty wooden chest at the foot of a bed. Also, when closet space is in need…consider a clothes armoire for housing a seasonal capsule wardrobe in your bedroom. For the bathroom without a linen closet, an apothecary cabinet comes in handy for storing towels, bath supplies, and bed linens. In addition, a small chest of drawers can keep clothing at the ready in the bathroom. 

It just takes a smidge of creativity to incorporate affordable, stylish, and functional storage pieces in your home!