For Carol Hines, makeup is her passion. It also happens to be her career. With the holidays fast approaching, it’s no doubt you’ll need a look for a party or NYE event. You may have the right makeup to do it yourself, but do you have the right brushes?

“Whether you want a look that’s soft and natural, bold and dramatic, or even Instagram-inspired, having the right brushes will help you achieve anything,” said Hines. “A lot of people think that a makeup brush has only one specific use but this isn’t true. One brush can have numerous uses.”

Think you have what it takes to take on your face? Here are five brushes Carol suggests anyone to keep in their makeup bag:

  • Powder/Blush – Used for foundation, skincare application, powder foundation and body paint. Achieves a natural, full coverage finish.
  • Tapered Blending – Used for eye shadows, blending of powders, defining a crease or highlight color. Applies more color with more precision.
  • Long Blending – Used for powder foundation, blush, bronzer and highlighters. It is a long, tapered powder brush. The fuller brush sweeps a wash of color on the face giving a natural finish.
  • Small Angle – Used for creating sharp, precise lines. A must-have for eyebrows and eyeliner.
  • Small Shader – Used for eyebrows, eye shadows, concealers and lips. A flat, slightly tapered, thin brush that’s the most versatile.

Cleaning Pro-Tip: To deep clean all of your brushes, use lukewarm to cool water and a light shampoo or brush cleanser. Foundation brushes may need a little more care before you shampoo them. Sometimes an oil based product may need to be used to break down the foundation first. After that shampoo them, rinse all of the soap out and lay flat overnight to dry.

If you’re not comfortable with doing your own makeup, let a professional handle it. Carol Hines is available for booking and consultations via Facebook.

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