Photography by Marc Gibson

Home is your sanctuary and when you work as hard as Kyle and Jamie Broughton, you want your residence to be an escape from the daily grind.

In 2017, the Broughtons moved into their two-story home in Benton’s Kingston Plantation neighborhood. The home was a stop on the 2017 Parade of Homes, an annual event hosted by the Home Builders Association of Northwest Louisiana in which local builders have the opportunity to showcase their homes to the public.

4 Bedrooms
3.5 Baths
4-Car Garage
4,715 square-feet

According to Kyle, many of the Parade of Homes attendees were surprised when they stepped through the front door. In fact, they almost sold the home to someone touring the Parade of Homes.

“We want it to be an overload for people. We want that reaction,” he said. “When they walk in, we want people to see the ceilings, to look up and see all the glass.”

With ceilings reaching an impressive 23 feet and large windows looking out over the pool, the open floor plan is flanked by a stunning loft featuring a pool table and bar. Shades of grey — Caspian, Gauntlet and Dorian — are the main colors used to complement the modern design of the home.

“It’s simple and chic,” Kyle said. “It’s not cluttered.”

“We both work at car dealerships so it’s kind of like a showroom I guess,” Jamie adds.

The Broughtons’ modern style home is unique to the Shreveport-Bossier City area and contractor Matt Tyree, of Tyree Custom Homes, admits the style is a stark contrast to the majority of his local projects. However, Matt said the Broughtons’ house pushed him out of his comfort zone.

“I’m definitely more open to a lot of different things. It was fun,” Matt said. “Everybody hates doing the same stuff over and over — the cookie-cutter homes — so this obviously was not that.”

Kyle and Jamie previously purchased a house built by Matt but when they were looking to buy their next home, Matt asked what they would want in a house if they were to build it from scratch. The three began scouring Pinterest boards and photos for ideas for the couple’s future home.

Photos of a Florida home inspired the backyard pool — the most important (and favorite) feature of the property. The white-tiled swimming oasis is met with a 15-foot fire pit at the edge of the pool and the tanning ledge is the perfect place for the Broughtons to unwind during warmer months.

The backyard area is also a sight to see at night. Multicolored lights illuminate the courtyard, which has led the neighbors to dub the home “the purple house.” Another favorite area of the home is the enclosed patio with an outdoor kitchen.

“In Louisiana, it’s either really hot or really cold. Everyone has these big patios that they can’t use,” Kyle said. “We enclosed it and put heat and air in it so all year-round this is usable space for us.”

When designing the plans for the house, it was important to create the open look and feel that the Broughtons were striving to achieve.

“I think the key thing to this house is that we didn’t want to cut anybody off,” Matt said. “We wanted it to be that anywhere you were, you would be just a foot away from everyone else. That’s why it has the wide-open dining room. There’s no separate dining room. The loft is all glass so when people are up there they just look down and communicate. No one is cut off.”

Whether entertaining family and friends or relaxing from a long day at the office, the Broughtons have found their retreat — an escape from the every day.