Treasure hunting at a flea market is always at the top of our list. Why? Because you never know what you’ll find.

Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days in Arcadia offers just that — 130 acres of shopping in the piney woods of north Louisiana. The market opened in September 1990, deriving its name from notorious outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Sherry Bond and Dennis Smith own the open-air flea market, and you can usually find them greeting guests as they make their way through the ample parking lot. 

Hosting anywhere from 50 to 300 vendors each weekend, guests can always expect to find Yolenda Harris and her little shop of wonders. She and her husband have been purveyors and sellers for about 10 years. Yolenda, who’s from Bossier City, said it all started when her mother-in-law passed, leaving behind a trove of items.

“It just kind of exploded,” said Yolenda, who specializes in collectibles, comic books, toys, glassware and jewelry. Inside her shop you’ll find Wizard of Oz memorabilia next to a variety of VHS tapes. 

Other vendors such as Ray Witherington and his wife, Linda, are all about the handmade. They own Blue Bayou Gallery, which celebrated its third year at the flea market in November 2017.

“He buys old furniture and rebuilds it, or he builds from scratch,” said Linda. “He builds everything one-of-a-kind and we have a lot of repeat customers who come every month.”

Ray has been crafting furniture for 10 plus years, something he took up after retiring. Linda said the hobby has really turned into a full time job — for the both of them.


Between up-cycled furniture, handmade crafts and antiques aplenty, here are some of our favorite finds for sale at Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days:

  • Plants, flowers and other greenery
  • Unique art
  • Collectibles, dolls, toys and more
  • Leather wear
  • Wooden and metal furniture
  • Fresh jams, jellies and other produce/food
  • Crystals, rocks and gemstones
  • Pottery
  • Animal Alley, with everything from purebred puppies to llamas and pot-bellied pigs


May 18-20 • June 15-17


Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days is just a quick trip east on I-20. Take exit 67 to Arcadia and continue right. You’ll then turn right on Hazel Street in downtown Arcadia, and you’ll be there before you know it. Just look for the signs!