Someone once said there was something in the water when it came to talent in Shreveport-Bossier City. This time we’ve struck reality gold twice.

Garrett Jacobs and Cameron Theodos, both from the area, were selected to audition on the ABC hit reality series, American Idol. The new season airs 7 p.m. Sunday, March 11.

Jacobs, an 18-year-old senior from Benton High School, auditioned online last fall for the show. Born in Louisiana, he spent a good portion of his life in Georgia. That’s where he really got into wanting to pursue music.

“I used to watch my mom sing in church,” he said. “I thought, ‘that’s really cool,’ so I just started singing more. Then in the sixth grade, I took to the guitar.”

Even though Jacobs is a singer, he’s also a football player. Before learning that he’d be on American Idol, his plan was to attend Louisiana Tech University and major in kinesiology.

“Now that this is happening, I think I’m going to switch my major to business so I can handle myself in this (industry) better,” he said.

Theodos comes from a similar background, and though he did not play many sports when he was younger, he did pursue sports management. The 25-year-old recently received his master’s degree from Louisiana Tech.

“I grew up always loving music and loving sports, but I’m 5’8” when I’m wearing the right shoes and 140 lbs. I could never be a professional athlete. Music made a lot of more sense,” he said.

Theodos is currently the frontman of the band Alive by Sunrise. The band was previously signed with Brady Blade’s record label but took the leap on their own nearly four years ago.

Both Jacobs and Theodos credit Chris Stapleton as a major music influence to their sound. Jacobs said he was most excited about working with celebrity judge Lionel Ritchie; Theodos said, Luke Bryan.

Theodos will appear in a later episode of American Idol, but you can catch Jacobs on Sunday.