1. Almost Dressed Cakes. The not-quite-naked cake. Just a bit of cake is peaks through layers of frosting.

2. Floral Arrangements. There won’t ever be a time when flowers on a cake isn’t trendy. Bring your cake to life with textures using berries, foliage or even take it a step further with edible flowers.

3. White Texture. Keeping a monochromatic color scheme of the traditional white is great but you can add a little interest by texturizing your layers. It keeps everything aesthetically clean but still interesting.

4. Donut Cake. There isn’t a list of trendy cakes without including this fun one. Donuts aren’t just for breakfast anymore.

5. Candy Bar. The “not-a-cake” trends are taking over weddings all across Shreveport-Bossier City. It’s a great way to incorporate your wedding colors and give guests a take-home treat they’ll actually eat.

6. Mini cakes. Not everyone loves cake. A pretty miniature cake allows for the planning budget to be put toward more individualized treats like cupcakes, macaroons, etc.

7. Geometric Shapes. Long gone are the traditional round cakes…well not really gone. A fun way to change it up on your wedding day is to go with an unconventional cake shape. Sharp angles and bold marbled colors are sure to please the eyes and tummies of your guests.