Valentine’s Day is one week away.

For some, it’s all about gift giving. Others try to avoid the day all together. Whether you’re single, a couple or married, Valentine’s Day isn’t always the best day of the year. Between gushing couples and stressed out employees, it’s nearly as bad a holiday as Christmas (without all the snow globes and Santas, though).

If you’re not feeling the cheer, here are seven places to avoid in Shreveport-Bossier City if you’re planning for a low-key Valentine’s Day:

  1. Basically every Italian restaurant. It’s a no brainer Olive Garden will be packed, but places like L’Italiano, Chianti and Monjunis are sure to be stuffed with cute couples. Pro tip: Order to go.
  2. All drug stores. Just don’t even think about going. Every CVS across town will be brimming with last minute gift-givers and you will hate yourself for not buying candy (just wait until the following day when it’s half off).
  3. Flower shops. Last minute flowers? Just try putting together a bundle yourself. You may find a pre-made arrangement, but chances are everything is gone.
  4. Movie theaters. While the intention is nice, just remember you’ll probably find yourself sandwiched between high schoolers going on their first date.
  5. Bakeries. It’s no doubt places like Julie Anne’s Bakery, Buttercups and Lilah’s will be slammed with orders. Just make those cookies yourself.
  6. Dessert bars. Establishments that cater to chocolate lovers such as Delish and Whisk are prime grounds for lovebirds.
  7. Places that sell wine. While fancy restaurants top the list as a for sure place to avoid, others such as We Olive & Wine Bar, Vintage Wine & Spirits and Wine Country are all on the list.