A man’s bathroom says a great deal about his approach to life — is he messy or organized, minimal or obsessive, sophisticated or uncultured? Unfortunately, many men ignore the bathroom altogether, seeing it as a laborious chore, rather than a sanctuary of manhood. Do yourself a favor and make your bathroom a place you can enjoy. Here are the bare bones of every man’s grooming routine: 

Quality Hair Product Hair styling isn’t something you should spend hours on each morning, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore it altogether. A quality styling product can be an easy and effective way to ensure you look more like a gentleman than a mad scientist. Just remember to keep it simple. If you find yourself unsure of what to get, ask your barber or a friend that seems to have his hair in working order.

  1. Gold Bond. Go into almost any locker room and you will see Gold Bond as a staple product right next to the deodorant and cologne. Fittingly, it has an arsenal of uses from keeping a man cool and dry, reducing skin irritation during physical activity, as well as its abilities to keep things nice and cool when applied to …well, you know. But no matter how you decide to use it, it’s an incredibly versatile and useful grooming product that should be in any man’s bathroom.
  2. Mouthwash. A good mouthwash is essential in starting each day off on the right foot. Not only will it save those around you from having to smell what you had for breakfast, but also many mouthwashes contain fluoride, which strengthens teeth—a win-win for everyone.
  3. Wet Shaving Set. What used to be a manly ritual passed down through generations has become a mindless routine filled with annoyance, cheap razorblades and razor burn. And while a traditional wet shaving set may seem antiquated to some, newer does not always translate into better. It really only involves three items: a quality razor, a good brush and some glycerin-based shaving cream.
  4. Cologne. No matter how well you dress, it does not matter if you don’t smell good. Just remember to use a very small amount—two or three dabs (or sprays) at most. Cologne isn’t meant to mark your territory as you roam from place to place; it should only be noticed by those in intimate proximity. To help activate the scent, put cologne on pulse points such as the wrists, the base of the throat and behind the ears.
  5. Coconut Oil. Need a little SPF in your life? Need to moisturize your hair? Need to whiten your teeth? Need to keep your beard soft? Need a good aftershave for your face? Need a good aftershave for places other than your face? You guessed it.