Summer will be here before you know it, but before you run to the margarita machine for poolside cocktails, consider a healthier option when it comes to staying hydrated and nourished.

Well+Fed Louisiana is Shreveport’s first and only cold-pressed juice bar and offers a variety of organic juices perfect for those hot Louisiana days. Unfamiliar with cold-pressed juice?

The process is pretty simple and involves two major steps. First, fruits and veggies are ground into pulp. The pulp is then placed in a filter cloth and pressed using a hydraulic lifting tray. This process ensures all of the vital nutrients and minerals are preserved.

If you’re looking to get started today with a refreshing blend, here are three drinks that will keep you “Well+Fed” this summer:


Includes: charcoal activator, lemon, agave, alkaline water

Activated coconut charcoal’s pores can bind toxins and gas to escort them out of the body. The primary uses of activated coconut charcoal includes detoxification, alleviation of bloating and gas, and lessening body odor from within. Great for general detox, hangovers, or just a refreshing lemonade.


Includes: beet, carrot, apple, lemon

Popular amongst their root juices, this is a great way to introduce raw beets into your diet. This recipe is based off an ancient healing juice C.A.B.A.L.A (carrot, red apple, beetroot, yellow apple, lemon, green apple).


Includes: kale, pineapple, apple, parsley, lime

This is one of their most popular green juices. If you aren’t a fan of kale, you will be afterwards. With a hint of parsley, it’s a flavorful drink to help you cool down.

Sponsored by Well+Fed Louisiana.