We’re all human. It’s not mistakes that define us, but how we work through them and who we are on the other side. Even worse than allowing a mistake to define you is being accused of something you absolutely did not do. Now you feel you must prove your innocence.

The Law Office of Larrion L. Hillman is exclusively focused on criminal defense. This focus evolved from a passionate belief in the protection of every person’s Constitutional rights, regardless of their background or the offense.

“Since the first client walked through my door almost 20 years ago, my law office has been a judgment-free zone,” Hillman said. “I am committed to working with every one of them to rewrite their stories into the lives they want to live.”

“I am fortunate to have my experience as a prosecutor to bring to my practice. During my time in the district attorney’s office, I evaluated and prosecuted cases on every level, from misdemeanor traffic offenses to homicides. I also gained valuable experience learning what police officers look for in a case since I used to be an instructor at the police academy,” Hillman said. “Those experiences enable me to evaluate cases from every angle, anticipate what the district attorney expects, and take measures to protect my clients.”

Hillman has a reputation for exhibiting an aggressive, effective, and prepared presence in the courtroom. In the past year, he has handled almost every criminal scenario, from two unique high-profile murder cases to misdemeanors as such as disturbing the peace.

Trust is critical in the overall client experience. “My clients trust me with their most valuable right: Their freedom,” Hillman said. “I will never lose sight of that.”

“We have a saying in our office: ‘Keep calm and let Hillman handle it.’ This theme runs through everything we do,” Hillman said. “I want all my clients to stay calm and let me handle the stressful process of the legal system. That’s my job!”

In many of his cases, Hillman’s services don’t end with the final sentence or acquittal, since the underlying problem isn’t always resolved when the case is closed. He understands that many people are suffering with addictions that can be destructive to the entire family, and at times additional follow up is needed. Hillman sometimes recommends family counseling, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and job hunting assistance. Clients often stay in touch long after the court battle has concluded.

“My clients and their families know I’m in it for the long haul,” Hillman said. “My door is always open to them.”


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