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Estate Planning for Louisiana was founded on the principles of client focused service and the commitment to strive to be the finest Estate Planning and Succession law practice in our area,” said John Harris, the firms founding attorney. “So many law practices are focused primarily on other practice areas that we realized there was an opportunity for this firm to be focused on just this niche market – and provide clients with top caliber legal services in doing so.” In addition to the intricacies associated with Estate Planning, such as tax ramifications and the complexities of interpersonal family relationships, a successful Estate Planning and Succession practice must be able to build a supportive rapport with each client and family member to ensure a successful result.

John Harris, a Shreveport native, founded the firm whose sole focus is Estate Planning, Successions, and Interdictions. The large percentage of cases he handles include complicated, large estate plans; contested, litigated successions; and small, simple estate settlements that are very common in our area of the state.

“The backbone of our firm is education. Clients need their attorney to break down a complicate matter into straightforward, easy to follow segments so they can decide whether they need a Last Will and Testament, Revocable Living Trust, or Irrevocable Trust as the correct Estate Plan to meet their individualized needs and concerns,” said Harris. When it comes to handling a deceased family members estate settlement, Harris stated, “Clients come to me when making stressful decisions or confronting the hurdles of handling the home or assets after the death of a loved one. Our firm helps clients navigate these difficult waters with compassion and professionalism.”

Through years of hard work, the firm has built relationships with many other attorneys, Realtors, financial advisors, bankers, CPA’s, and other professionals who regularly seek out John Harris and his practice to assist their clients. Harris confirmed that he knew, “how much trust and professionalism is expected of me whenever a professional refers one of their clients to my firm. We always seek to partner with other professionals who want to work together to achieve the best result, through mutual support, for their clients.” Harris has also become a much sought after lecturer for other attorneys, CPA’s, colleges, and other local organizations.

The firm’s down-to-earth approach has worked wonders in assisting clients through a variety of areas many people try to avoid, including, the complicated considerations of step-family planning, preservation of hard-earned assets from the devastating costs of nursing homes, the interdiction process necessary when a parent has lost the ability to care for themselves, and the convoluted area of Estate Tax planning for those individuals with large estates. “We know the most common reaction in our world today to these types of matters is procrastination. When we can help clients transition these challenging areas into something they know is manageable, we have done our job well,” stated Harris.

John Harris is married to Heather Harris and together they have five children: Evan, Molly, Ethan, Johanna, and Evangeline. John is a member of Broadmoor Baptist Church and is involved with several local nonprofits including being a founding board member of Hero Horse Therapeutic Riding Center.

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