Courtney N. Harris has always had an overwhelming passion and desire to study law. “I have a loyalty that runs deep within me to evoke change,” said Harris, a Shreveport native who has been practicing law for over two years. She works as an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Shreveport as well as maintaining her private practice. Harris has been making significant strides in her career and her private practice. “I’m able to achieve desirable results for my clients, and that gives me satisfaction because I can see that I’m making a difference.”

Due to her professionalism and excellent people skills combined with her ability to sympathize

with others, and knowledge of the law, she is able to work with her clients to achieve favorable results. “Those who are personally acquainted with me know that my story and journey has not been the average story or journey,” Harris said. “The faith of a mustard seed has taken me this far, even when I had obstacles working against me. I want to continue to expand my presence in the community while helping others as I progress and move forward in my career.

Advice Harris would give to another new attorney is “Find an excellent mentor that will dedicate spending time with you and remembers where they started versus where they are.” “What sets me apart from everyone else is that I do not treat my clients like they’re another file,” Harris said. “I take time to listen to their needs and concerns and I work really hard to present the facts of their particular situation to the court because every situation and every client is different.”

“I enjoy the practice of law and being able to give my clients a sense of peace in knowing that I’m working hard on their behalf,” she said. “My passion and desire to help isn’t fake. It’s genuine and my clients can tell – they appreciate that about my personality.”