Let our family help your family. That attitude and devotion to clients has driven Kevin Berg and Nicole Holmes since opening their office. This husband and wife team focuses on criminal defense and family law. Every case that comes through their door gets the time and attention of both attorneys. A diverse perspective sets the service to their clients apart. Every case is viewed from a male and female point of view, so no details are overlooked.

They attribute their unique perspective to their diverse backgrounds. Kevin, a Shreveport native and Byrd High graduate, and Nicole, a country girl from Foxworth, Mississippi, met in law school and began playing off each other’s strengths immediately. Kevin has a sharp wit and easy manner that sets him apart in navigating the court room and presenting cases to a jury while Nicole has the interest and passion for research that ensures every option is explored and every right is protected.

In addition to their passion for law, they are also avid photographers and world travelers. These experiences carry into their practice because, just like photographers are always looking for different angles to tell the full story, Kevin and Nicole are working every angle to ensure their clients’ best angle takes the spotlight. Additionally, travel broadens the mind and opens you up to different experiences, enabling you to see issues from different angles. The Berg Law Firm uses those experiences to craft firm, aggressive defenses for their clients.

When you or your loved one is in trouble or when you are looking for guidance during family disputes, call The Berg Law Firm. “Because we are a family, our clients make up our extended family. Their problems are our problems,” Berg said. When you need more than just one in your corner, let two fight for you!