Estate Planning • Successions

John R. Harris strives to provide excellent customer service to all clients. His firm, Estate Planning for Louisiana, only practices in estate planning and successions. 

“Clients come to me when making stressful decisions or confronting the hurdles of handling the home or assets after the death of a loved one. Our firm helps clients navigate these difficult waters,” said Harris, a Shreveport native. “Louisiana has a messy system in place for handling individuals’ homes and assets if they pass away without an estate plan. I see so much of our practice to be education for individuals and couples on how to put a plan in place that protects their hard earned assets and makes their estate settlement as simple and cost effective as possible.”

Harris can’t imagine practicing law anywhere but Shreveport.  He loves his hometown and there’s no other place he’d rather live and practice.

“Our firm strives to provide amazing customer service while providing exceptional legal services to clients all in a friendly, approachable, and hospitable environment,” he said. “We will never be a stuffy law firm that scares people away from putting a plan in place that protects their life savings and family.”

John is married to Heather Harris and has five kids: Evan, Molly, Ethan, Johanna, and Evangeline.