While this may be SB Magazine, our scope goes beyond Shreveport and Bossier City. We’re always on the hunt for new places, faces and everything in between.

It’s almost dinner time, and we’re all pretty hungry here at the office. We decided to take a look at some eateries that might not be on your radar, but after checking out these photos, you just might make the drive to Haughton.

Here are eight eateries in Haughton that are mouthwateringly good and we recommend today:

1. Tienda y Taqueria Sin Fronteras

This is as authentic as it gets but we recommend their food truck that usually parks in front of Harrah’s LA Downs.

2. Imperial Express

Casual, cozy and friendly are three words that sum up this asian hot spot. No matter how big the order, it’ll be ready in 15 minutes.

3. Pepe’s

Lunchtime is the best time to check out Pepe’s.

4. On the Bayou

They haven’t opened yet but we know this will be a hot spot.

5. Crawfish Palace

“Let the fans blow your hair” in the crawfish eatery of our dreams.

6. La Coronela

This is a semi-new Mexican restaurant but every time we drive by it’s always packed. Must be good!

7. Swamp Daddy’s Seafood & Steaks

We’ve wanted to try this little seafood restaurant for a while, and well, looks like we know where we’re going for dinner.

8. Star Donut


OK. Donuts aren’t really for dinnertime, but Star Donuts has more than that. Go early and grab a kolache before work. Trust us.