Over 20,000 students in Louisiana voted on winners of the 2016 Louisiana Young Readers’ Choice Awards and The Mischievians, by Shreveport native William Joyce, was the top choice for 3rd-5th graders.

“A stupendous number of kids participate in giving this award,” Joyce said. “That means a lot of kids read The Mischievians and liked it a lot. For a children’s book author, it doesn’t get better than that. Makes me want to finish the sequel pronto!”


Published by Simon & Schuster, The Mischievians is a picture book that details highly scientific research on an ancient race of global mischief-makers called Mischievians, which included the Homework Eater who is guilty of eating over a trillion pounds of missing homework.

On April 12, Joyce and Moonbot Studios will release the Moonbot Book Ollie’s Odyssey, an illustrated chapter book, which looks into the mysterious world of favorite toys. The book can be pre-ordered at most book retailers, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.