Ask any bride and they will tell you it’s a hard undertaking to plan a wedding that is both uniquely their own and trendy. The future Mrs. will also tell you that it’s easy to become lost in the details and decision making process. Often creating doubt, too. There is confidence to be gained when knowing when it is okay to break tradition and add a few unique trendy flares of your own. Here are 10 wedding trends for 2016 to give you the confidence you need to mix up tradition and have the unique and trendy wedding of your dreams:

  1. Mismatched Bridesmaids. The bridal party is no longer stuck with one color option. Brides are allowing their bridesmaids to pick their own gowns — ones they feel comfortable and beautiful wearing.

    31 Real-Life Bridal Parties Who Nailed The Mix ‘N Match Look | via Buzzfeed

  2. Desserts Other Than Cake. Forget cake. Try an ice cream sundae bar for summer nuptials or an elegant tower of whoopie pies for guests to enjoy.
  3. Color, Color, Color! Couples will be bolder in their use of vibrant colors.Al6
  4. Brunch Weddings. Serve your guests a brunch instead of dinner. Have your ceremony before the sun reaches its peak and then enjoy cocktail hour for the reception. Don’t forget the mimosas.

    Brunch Wedding Ideas For Delightful Daytime Affairs | Via Huffinton Post

  5. Neutral Palettes. Yes, we just said it’s all about bright colors but black, gray and neutral colors are still trending among couples with a more simplistic taste.
  6. Woodland Theme. Woodland-themed florals and décor using dense greenery and sticks or wood slices to give a natural, earthy feel.

    58 Inspiring and Natural Woodland Wedding Centerpieces | Via

  7. Intimate Dinners. Couples are focusing on quality over quantity. With family style dining tables and low lush arrangements, conversation is highlighted and memories are made.
  8. Adventure Weddings. A change from the traditional church wedding or glamorous indoor venues, more couples are looking to tie the knot in outdoor settings or travel themed locations.

    27 Travel-Inspired Wedding Ideas You’ll Want To Steal | Via Buzzfeed

  9. Sustainable Catering. Using organic and locally sourced food will continue to be important. More and more couples are making it a priority with their menus.
  10. Rose Gold Jewelry. We’ll see an increase in jewelry designers creating engagement rings and wedding bands using rose gold. 

    Touch of Glam Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration | Via Style Me Pretty

Do you have any other favorites not already on this list? Leave a comment below.