Byron May team photo

Byron May

A Shreveport native, Byron has 36 years experience in the printing business and launched SB Magazine 15 years ago. In addition to a successful career as an entrepreneur, he is also a skilled golfer and talented artist, exhibiting his work at galleries in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Austin, to name a few.


Devin White

Before stepping into the executive editor role in January 2014, Devin worked as a features reporter in Shreveport for four years. Even though she was born and raised in Las Vegas, her family has deep roots in Louisiana, and she has officially traded in saying “you all,” for “y’all.” Plus she’s a mean cook in the kitchen.

Brittani LeBlanc
Assistant Editor

Brittani is from New Iberia and has been in Shreveport for three years. She is a self-proclaimed small town fashionista with big city dreams. With a fashion merchandising degree and business minor from UL-Lafayette, she’s our assistant editor by day, and a fashion blogger by night. She also runs her own photography business.

Derick Jones
Digital Media Manager

With a background in mass communications, Derick has worn nearly every hat when it comes to creating content including writing, photography and videography. Derick is a graduate of LSUS and has worked in the field for over 10 years. When they’re not at SB Magazine, you can find them styling and profiling with their online vintage clothing brand.

Cherie Moss

Cherie Moss
Sales Director

With 25 years of sales experience under her belt, Cherie has a background in niche media and auto sales. She is a native of Washington but has called Shreveport home since 2001. She has a passion for locally owned business and lives with her rescue dog, Ella.

Stephanie Pringle

Stephanie Pringle
Senior Account Executive

Stephanie graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2007 with a degree in sociology and celebrates her 10th year with SB Magazine this year. A little known fact about Stephanie: She makes one mean peach cobbler, using Ruston peaches, of course.

Vanessa Saul
Account Executive

Vanessa is a self proclaimed “social butterfly” and loves to meet new people. A nurse turned account executive, Vanessa is eager to help our community in any way possible. A fun fact about the mom of two: “My life is a fun fact.”


Lisa Rogers
Account Executive

Want a concert partner? Lisa is the person to go with! She’s a big fan of music and has passed that torch along to her daughter, as well. Lisa has a background in outside sales in the gift industry and used to own a flower shop.


Ainsley Wilson 
Account Executive

Ainsley is SB Magazine’s newest team member. She is a graduate from Louisiana Tech with a background in marketing. She is a big animal lover and, as she puts it, “has too many cats to count.” She’s rubbed elbows with a number of stars including John Cena and Verne Troyer. When she’s not hitting the streets for SB, you can find her hitting the streets to shop.