Ryan Viser was 7-years-old when his parents placed him in front of a piano for his first music lesson. He was living in Brazil at the time, and played for around four years. Then, he picked up the trumpet at age 11 and his real story began. “I remember when they put the first piece of music up in front of me and I already knew how to read it because of playing the piano, so it just sort of made sense for me,” Viser said.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Viser moved to Bossier City and began playing reggae music with the band, Stiff Necked Fools. He played with them for about five years, and now, he’s more of a solo artist. “I do a lot of sit-ins with other bands at festivals whenever I’m out and in the same place as someone else,” Viser said. “I definitely miss playing with other people regularly.”

Viser recently got the chance to play with two of his favorite artists at Electric Forest, a music festival in Michigan. He was asked to play with UK musician, Frameworks, performing four shows with him. He also seized the opportunity to play with Griz, a saxophone player that he looks up to. “He’s one of the main guys out there killing it and blowing up. I hadn’t met him before, but we met up while we were both at [Electric] Forest,” he said. “They were doing this marching band situation with him and a lot of other guys that were out there doing big things, and I literally got to march around the forest and play. That was pretty cool.”

Viser calls his style of music “future funk,” which is heavy with lots of bass, horns and vocals that are reminiscent of an older era with an electronic spin brought to it with today’s technology.

Does Viser still get nervous when he plays in front of people? “Yeah, I still do! It really depends, though. For the Griz thing, I was really nervous because those are like superstars, and I’m still kind of a little guy getting out there.”

He said he’s nervous to some degree for every show. “I equate my nerves to the fact that I care,” Viser said.