SB Art: Anna Boyter


Boyter-049-copyAnna Boyter took her first piano lesson in the first grade, and ever since, music has been her favorite pastime. With her entrancing smile and personality that can brighten a rainy day, Boyter makes music that strives to inspire people with positivity.

Influenced by the sounds of Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat, Boyter creates a sound that ventures into a world between pop and country — she says her music doesn’t fit a particular genre. Her self-titled album, Anna Boyter, is representative of her humility and down-to-earth personality with lyrics focused on the things that matter to her most: family, friendships and relationships.


Even while teaching swim lessons to kids and studying for classes in her teaching program, Boyter does hope to one day make it to Nashville and pursue a career in music. The experience of recording her CD in Shreveport’s Blade Studios, albeit a little nerve-racking, is one that she could relive every day.

Though she started her music career backwards — CD first, then gathering a band— she’s looking forward to playing her first show when it happens, no matter the attendance.

“For my first show…as long as I have fun and it’s worth it, I wouldn’t care if it was in front of five people or 500 people,” Boyter said.

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To buy her music, check out iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon.