Since she was only 6-years-old, Lauren Roberts loved art. She collected calligraphy pens and tools even though she wasn’t sure how to use them. In February 2016, Lauren attended the Modern Calligraphy Summit and thus began her calligraphy journey. Watercolor sort of just fell into her lap at the workshop and she discovered she was great with it.

Lauren does everything from envelope addressing to proposal paintings, as well as paintings of homes, pets, wedding venues and more. She often paints pictures of houses for realtors to gift to clients who close on new homes. Each piece takes up to an hour for her to complete depending on the level of detail required. She works a full-time job in the oil field and uses her creative outlet to decompress at her in-home studio. Painting buildings and architecture is her favorite, but she finds pets to be her easiest subject to paint. Her favorite pieces are sometimes difficult to part with, so she will have prints made of those special pieces.

Lauren feels like calligraphy is falling to the wayside in the wedding industry because people can get things printed quickly with today’s technology, but she hopes that it picks back up because “there really is something so authentic and unique about an envelope addressed by hand.” She plans to continue her education in the writing and painting style and wants to learn even more techniques to improve her already booming business.

Lauren’s pieces make beautiful and unique wedding gifts. Get your custom art by visiting her Etsy shop, LineAveCalligraphy, or finding her on social media.