With a name like Kemerton Hargrove, October’s SB Artist was born to be a creative.

“I’ve always been interested in the film industry,” said Kemerton. “I just didn’t think it was actually possible.”


A video journalism course in high school sparked the filmmaker’s interest and things just took off from there. He is a 2005 graduate of Caddo Magnet High School and went on to study English at Louisiana State University. Immediately out of college, our artist scored a production job on a reality television show, which gave him a crash course in the industry. He worked on the concept of the show as well as the editing. While working his day job on the show, Kemerton did lots of collaboration on the side for his own work. He’s dabbled in everything from short films to pilots to independent feature films and continues to do so now.

One of his favorites in his repertoire is a recently completed feature film called Clowns and Robbers, which was a collaboration between Kemerton and another local filmmaker, Evan Falbaum, and the third feature to be created by them in Shreveport. He does find it hard to choose a favorite, though, as he is very harsh on his own work. Each one gets better as he figures things out.

As far as acting goes, he never dreamed of being in front of the camera, but in 2016 he won Best Actor in the Louisiana Film Prize.

“The funny thing is I never intended to perform. I planned to just be behind the scenes, but I just sort of fell into the whole acting thing, and the more I continue to do it, the more comfortable I am with it.”

Kemerton recently began a yearlong training course at the Second City comedy program in Chicago where he’s honing in on improvisation skills among others. He is taking full advantage of this rare opportunity and is thrilled to take part in the incredible experience.

This SB Artist said that there is nothing else he could picture himself doing besides working in film.

“I have no other tangible skills so I don’t know what else I’d do if it weren’t for film. It’s just the right fit for me. There are ups and downs, obviously, but ultimately, I love what I do.”

You can find some of Kemerton’s work on the YouTube channel, MovieSauce. The Paranormals is a film of his that can be found on Amazon.

“Just Google my weird name and you’ll find me. I really can’t hide with the name I have.”